Polyester Polymer Concrete Overlay (PPC)

Structural Integrity Group LLC uses state of the art volumetric concrete mixers and pavers to apply Polyester Polymer Concrete (PPC), and nosing/patching materials designed to be used in durable bridge desk repair systems.

Structural Integrity Group LLC’s Polyester Polymer Concrete Overlay (PPC) ensures that any bridge deck repair is reliable and robust. With high early strength and rapid curing, traffic can return to the roadway within 1.5-3 hours. SIG-LLC’s PPC conforms to the latest TxDot specifications and has superior adhesion to Portland, latex modified, and silica fume concrete.

Whether the application is on, above, or below grade concrete conditions, SIG-LLC’s professional PPC applications make for unparalleled highway and bridge deck repairs. High climate and traffic abrasion resistivity combined with world class compressive and tensile strength ensure our clients have a structurally sound overlay installation.