Structural Concrete Repair

Structural Integrity Group LLC begins each repair with a thorough Condition Assessment. Based on the findings of this Condition Assessment, a plan is developed for any needed repair, repurpose or rehabilitation. This plan incorporates the experience and knowledge of our team, coupled with an understanding of the methods, materials, installation practices and limitations of each potential repair. Depending on the complexity of the rehabilitation, several methodologies may be required to provide a complete solution. To re-establish the integrity of structural members, three key elements are essential:

  1. A complete, thorough, and accurate assessment of the existing condition.
  2. A properly engineered design in conformity with ACI and/or ICRI, and
  3. A qualified and experienced structural repair contractor.

Generally, structural rehabilitation includes removal of unsound and distressed material, arrest and prevention of future degradation; replacement or treatment of exposed steel reinforcement; supplemental reinforcement as required; specified surface preparation based on designed repair systems; placement and cure of specified structural repair mortars and final surfacing, if required.  Each of these steps are critical to ensure a successful outcome for the Client.